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Crabs Beach16 Crayola Crayons Coloring Book by ToteworthyDesigns via @Etsy

Original Monarch Butterfly Reflection Painting by missy69 via @Etsy

Kitchen Towel Summer Fruit Towel Crochet by ShelleysCrochetOle via @Etsy

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Day 2 – Wii Fit

I have been wanting to get back out the wii fit – so easy to do – and have been spending way to much time on the computer – crocheting and other non activity things.

So started yesterday morning – trying to get a little routine going – doing a little of everything – mostly trying to stretch out my lower back and hips – they are so stiff

Did about an hour and 1/2 – 30 mins at a time through out the day yesterday – easy peasy ….
until this morning went to do my 1st 30 min before my shower and oh a little sore –

For those who have not done it …. it may not seen as much while you are doing it but it does sneak up on you!