New Projects

I am working on some new projects –

Halloween Top Hat

Crochet and Bead Bracelet

Knee Hi Boot Slippers for indoor and gentle outdoor use.

All these items feature different techniques that I have not previously used – so I am having a little bit of a learning curve and also have been purchasing supplies.

I am over 1/2 way done with the Halloween Top Hat which is a cute hat that will rest on top of the head – it will feature sequins, feathers and a veil.

I started the bracelet and I had a few set backs but did get the first row done! I am having a little trouble crocheting with the beading cord but after the re-starts I think I have it under control.

As of yet I have not started the boot/slippers  … but all the supplies are here and ready when I am!

Sneak peek at the sequined band for the Halloween Top Hat


Sequined band for Halloween Top Hat


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